Peter Wayne Urban (December 10, 1843 - October 11, 1920) was an American general and politician, best known for commanding the Army of the Dakotas during the latter half of the Alaskan War, and for being the Nationalist nominee for President in the 1896 Presidential election. A dominant political and national figure in the 1890s and early 1900s, Urban was an outspoken advocate of American militarism and fervently espoused the belief that the Democrats had betrayed the United States by suing for peace with Alaska in 1888. His landslide loss in 1896 and his inability to secure the nomination in 1900, and the subsequent failure of his independent candidacy, are regarded as the end of the military's grasp over the National Party. In retirement, Urban rejected the now pro-business, wealth-oriented National Party and supported small-government populists in the Democratic Party instead, dying while campaigning for James D. Keating in 1920.

For his valor and success in the Alaskan War, Urban is often referred to as the "Hero of Omaha," and many buildings, schools and roads bear his name in the central United States and throughout the country. Four cities bear the name Urban in his honor, in Nebraska, Iowa, Dakota and Kahokia.

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