Peter Green is an operative of the TFDU. Starting as an agent, he now works as a part of the Extraction Team.

Early Life

Born on January 24th, 1985 in a Irish-Croatian family in New Jersey, Peter's childhood was not easy. His mother, a devout Irish housewife married his father three years before Peter's birth. His father, although unwillingly had to change his real name for reasons unknown to Peter. When Peter reached the age of three, the Croatian War for Independence started. His father then went to war. His father then returned in 1996. Peter was a very clumsy, yet highly intelligent child. By the end of 1996, Peter joined a local Tang Soo Do club. During elementary and middle school, Peter was often bullied. He became shy and developed a small, yet noticeable stutter. Things went worse until high school. His acne disappeared and he grew significantly tall (185 cm) and because of that the bullying stopped and his life was becoming better and better. After finishing high school, he studied Biochemistry and Molecular Chemistry through a military scholarship.

Military Career

After getting his doctorates at the age of 21, he joined the US Marines and fought in the Middle East. He became a Major in three years, after which he was enlisted in the CIA for a brief period. During these three years, he began training Bagua Zhang and Jeet Kune Do.

CIA Career

During his brief CIA career he mostly worked on Counterintelligence and presumably even espionage, although that information since a part of the information about Green is classified as secret by the US.


After a spending 2 years at the CIA, he joined the TFDU as an agent. During one year, he became part of the Extraction Team. Using his intelligence and physical skills he is a successful part of the TFDU.

Appearance, Personality and Skills

Peter is about 190 cm tall. He has an above-average-sized nose and wears black rimmed glasses. He has brown hair and eyes, although he acquired a scar on his left eye because of an incident with a knife during his military career in the Middle East. He has a very muscular body, because he trains Tang Soo Do, Jeet Kune Do and Bagua Zhang. He is usually calm and a plodder. He treats his co-workers and superiors friendly and with respect, although he can be stubborn. He is a skilled manipulator, which he uses during extractions in order to escape. He has CIA and Marine training. He also has a black belt in Tang Soo Do. He also seems to be an adept cook and chart-maker

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