Peter of Gaul
Emperor of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Gallic Emperor 352-365
Predecessor Augustus II
Successor Peter II
Consort Daria
Peter II - Diana - Eva
Full name
Peterus Augustus Postumus
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Born 14 Jan 311
Lutetia, Gaul
Died 16 Sept 352 (aged 41)
Rhine river, Germania
Occupation Emperor of Gaul
Religion Christianity (formerly Hellenistic)

Imperator Peter (311-352-365) was the fifth emperor of Gaul. He was the son of Imperator Augustus II and his wife Claudia Flavia.


Peter came to the throne at a later age than his predecessors did, leading many to call him ‘the Old’. Although he entered his reign with bright prospects, those were immediately ruined by the rebellions of his brothers. His brothers Sixtus and Clement joined forces in 353 in order to gain control of the empire, and planned to split the empire between themselves. The succession crisis remained stagnant for a number of years. However it took a turn for the worse (for Peter) when the governor of Britannia pledged his loyalty to Sixtus and Clement (360). He would spend the remainder of his reign in trying to defeat his brothers. He died at the battle for the river Rhine (365) due to heavy blood loss.

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