Petar Krešimir V
Aleksandar IV Nemanjić (formerly)
King of Croats
Lord of Doclea
The Gentle Warlord

Portrait of the King by Bran
King of Croats
Reign 1540-1568
Predecessor none, interregnum
Successor Jelena III (as Queen of Croats)
Lord of Doclea
Predecessor Aleksandar III Nemanjić
Successor unknown
House Trpimirović
Born 24 January, 1518
Religion Western Catholic
Petar Krešimir V is the current reigning King of Croats and the restorer of the House of Trpimirović. Although he was born in Montenegro, during the interregnum in Croatia it was decided that he shall become the new King of Croats seeing as how he was one of the rare members of the House of Trpimirović still willing to go back to his Croatian roots.


Early life

Born as Aleksandar Nemanjić to a minor noble in Montenegro, specifically Doclea (Duklja). Although the Nemanjić/Vojnović family to which he belonged to did rule the region in the past his father's rule was now limited to a small piece of land. Ever since he was a young boy he researched about the glorious days of his predecessors, the Trpimirovićs. It was said that he was a descendant of Petar, a member of the Trpimirović house only through males, which technically made him a claimant to the Croatian throne. Growing up as a future feudal lord, he served the Roman Empire with honour, as he knew that it was powerful indeed. One of his most exemplary events was during the war against Hungary. Arriving in Ragusa, he led a smaller division of the Montenegrin army near Šibenik, Krešimir's city. After the rumour spread about a Trpimirović arriving in Croatia, numerous patriotic Croats joined the Montenegrins. No matter where he went during the war, if there were Croats there, many would join him. He won many battles without a single drop of blood spilled, which earned him the nickname 'The Gentle Warlord' or Blagi Vojvoda.


Once he was chosen as the future King of Croats, he had to, as one of the terms, convert to Roman Catholicism. Although this was merely symbolical it does represent a major change in the King's life. He changed his name from Aleksandar to Petar Krešimir and took upon the crown of Croatia. Knowing that he was still considered an outsider by some he worked hard on proving his loyalty to the Kingdom. Instituting numerous linguistical reforms to remove the damage done by Hungarians, he quickly chose to support the writers which would aid him in his cause. His reign was in the beginning a weak one, which caused more powerful nobility to rise up against him. Fighting them by sponsoring urbanization and the creation of free cities, directly under the influence of himself, he was able to halt them. Following the appointment of a Ban, he knowingly decreased his own power, hoping that he could control the Ban easily when it was needed. However, he was quickly overwhelmed by him, which caused the beginning of the unspoken diarchy in Croatia.