Peruvian Confederation
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Peru, Inca Empire
  others Catholic
Ethnic Groups
65% Quechua
  others Spanish, French, German, Chimu
Demonym Inca, Peruvian,
Government Parliamentary Monarchy.
  legislature Supreme Parliament of Peru
President of Parliament Apaec Brey
  Dynasty of Machu Picchu: Dynasty of Machu Picchu
Sapa Inca Apeac III
Population 15,000,000 
Established Varies
  • 1492 (Inca Empire)
  • 1642 (Peruvian Confederation)
Annexation to Andean Monarchy
  date 1749
Currency Spanish Real

The Peruvian Confederation refers to the organization that existed from 1642 until 1749.

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