This is a profile page for the country of Peru and its successor states as a part of US Civil War (Map Game).
Flag of Peru 1825

Flag of Peru

Basic Information

  • Official Name: Republic of Peru
  • Conventional Name: Peru
  • Official Local Name: República del Peru
  • Citizen Adjective: Peruvian
  • Adjective Plural: Peruvian
  • Abbreviation: PER
  • Government Type: Presidential republic
  • National Capital: Lima
  • President:Manuel Pardo
  • Population: 4,000,000
  • Largest City: Lima
  • Location:OTL Peru, Ecuador and parts of Bolivia, Brazil and Chile
  • Currency: Peso

Administrative Divisions

  • 30 regions


  • Imports: PENDING
  • Exports: PENDING


  • Languages: Spanish, Quechuá, Aymará
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism

Foreign RelationsEdit

  • Alliance: Brazil, Paraguay
  • Enemy:PENDING


  • Wars: Bolivian War (1870-1873)
  • Independence from Spain: 1824
  • Breakup of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation: 1839

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