England - Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line
Personal Union of England, Wales and Ireland Royal Coat of Arms of England (1399-1603)
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
England and Ireland during the reign of Henry IX in red.
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Cardiff, York, Dublin
Language English, Welsh and Irish
Roman Catholic
  others Lutheran and Jewish
Ethnic Group English, Welsh and Irish
King Henry VIII, Henry IX, Arthur I, Edward VI
 Personal Union of England and Ireland is a de facto entity composed of the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Ireland, both under the control of the King of England. It came into existence in 1541, when Henry VIII unopposed by Pope Gregory XIII declared himself King of Ireland. It was temporaly broken up between 1584 and 1587 when Frith-Béarla(Anti-English Group) contested Edward VI's rule and Kingdom of Éire existed.

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