Denmark - Norway
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag of Denmark Royal Arms of King Frederick IV of Denmark and Norway
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
The union in Brown, also includes Faroe Islands and Iceland.
(and largest city)
Other cities Oslo, Goteborg, Kiel, Aalborg
  others Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Norn, Frisian, Sami and Low German, Latin
Religion Protestant
Ethnic Group Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic
Monarch Christian II, Fredrick I, Christian III
 Personal Union of Denmark and Norway was a succesor state to the former Kalmar Union, which ended in 1521, after Frederick I usurped the throne from Christian II and then Gustav Vasa and the Swedes rebelled and created Kingdom of Sweden.



Division of the Kalmar Union.

Christian II was dethroned for his centralism, which angered many and Frederick I came to the throne. His early reign wasn't so smouth either and especially oversea parts took a long time to recognize him. After the uneasy years of 1520s, came a trial of Christian II for a Coup d'état in 1532. His allies from Netherlandish exile however didn't expect support for Frederick and Christian was imprisoned for life. At this time Lutherans began to settle in the lands as Frederick did except them, but never converted. He later caught an illness and the so clergy, scared of the much more lutheran Christian III, tried to make him live for longer, however their cure actually shorten it. In 1535 the Lutheran church became the official religion of Denmark-Norway. During the 1550s the expelled popes of the Lutheran church settled in Iceland (Paul III).

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