Perso-Afghan War
Date 8 April 1834 — 24 January 1837
Location Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistan
Result Persian victory, Treaty of Kerman
  • Dissolution of the Durrani Empire
  • Annexation of Afghanistan to Persia and British India
Flag of Agha Mohammad Khan Persia

Supported by:
Flag of France France
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of the Emirate of Herat Durrani Empire

Supported by:
Flag of Russia (neon) Russian Empire

The Perso-Afghan War (Persian: ایرانی جنگ افغانستان) was a conflict between the State of Persia and her allies on one side and the and the Durrani Empire and the Russian Empire on the other, lasting from 1834-37.

The war was mostly caused by the infamous Great Game in Asia at the time, which caused large disputes between the British and Russians. King Mohammad Shah Qajar felt it the best opportunity to reclaim the "rogue" state of Afghanistan, as well as settle disputes in the Great Game.


Great Game

Russian-British disputes

Course of the war

Battle of Kabul