The Persian Reconquest was a conquest of Islamic Persia by the King Grios Force, which consisted of mainly Dome and Hill troops. The armies were led by Consteto.


The Sican tribes around the world were set on recreating Cycae one day. Consteto saw Persia as a gateway to Europe. With Persia in his hands, he could send troops to conquer the Roman Republic (which he still believed existed) and recreate the Kingdom of Cycae.


In 912, between 320,000 and 650,000 troops in the King Grios Force invaded Persia. Domes of Domucc thrust into the southeast, while Hills of Hill China invaded the north and west. The Persian forces were unprepared and were defeated easily.

By 915, all of Persia was in Sican hands, except for rebellious cities. The captured rebellious cities were burned to the ground, this being completed in 916.


Following the Persian Reconquest, the Sicans in the East had access to Europe, Arabia, and Africa.

Consteto did not issue Persia to be repopulated with Hill tribesmen, which is a mistake that would later haunt the Sicans. Without the Middle East having a Sican population, its native population would later revolt against Sican rule. This would cause a gap between Sican lands in Europe and Sican lands in East Asia, and would cause the collapse of Sican kingdoms in the East. However, this would not happen until much later.

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