Persian Air 198

Remnants of Persian Air 198 outside of Kuwaiti City

Persian Air 198 bombing
was an passenger flight that was destroyed by an bombing on September 11, 2001. The bombing was perpetrated by an independent American terrorist, who wants to bring the United States and Persia to the brink of war.

In total, all 243 passengers and 7 crew members were killed, and another 50 were killed on the ground when pieces of debris crashed into the ground around the city of Manila.


  1. 9:05am: Baghdad International Airport: An suitcase packed with C4, and other ingredients went through security undetected, and is put into the cargo.
  2. 9:30am: Baghadad International Airport: Perisan Air 198 bombing takes off from Bahgdad toward the US province of Philippines.
  3. 11:43am: Hainian International Airport: Persian Air 198 lands at Hainan to refuel, and stock up on food and drinks again.
  4. 12:12pm: Hainian International Airpor: Persian Air 198 takes off from Hainan toward the Philippines.
  5. 1:32pm: The bomb detonates on Persian Air 198's approach to Manila, causin debris to rain across the city.

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