Events that happened in the great nation of Persia.

Diplomatic Relations:

For Persia, he is trying to not make enemies, therefore, many are count as just 'Neutral.'

Allies Neutral Enemies
Russia Italy Japan (for declaring war on Russia)
Afghanistan Germany Austria-Hungary (for declaring war on Russia)
France Switzerland Ottoman Caliphate (for offending multiple Persian allies)
Britain Ethiopia

1912 (Internal situations)

Declares Neutral but joins Entente after.

Allies with Russia and China,

Remove Russian influence in north Persia

Trades with other countries


Re-adapting the Qanat canals,

Increase in sanitation and food production

Accept Ottoman immigrants

But argues with Ottoman on religious beliefs


Adapting the Qanat canals and believe will increase sanitation hugely by 1915.

Increase civil rights for women


Start factoring military equipment and developing rifles and vehicles of our own.

Reject alliance and treaty with the Ottomans

Move 500,000 to Ottoman border

Offer Russia 1 million troops and finance for their wars

Declared war on Japan.

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