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Himmler, a faithful follower of the ideas of the now dead Hitler, decides that the Jewish race must be removed from the face of Germany so that they will not destroy him or his rule through their perceived influence with the western nations. He begins a program of repression, closing down Jewish businesses and forcing them to wear identification on them at all times.

Soon, the conditions become unbearable. A mass exodus begins from Germany to the surrounding countries, as well as the United States. Himmler feels that driving all the Jews out will be preferable, as then the capitalists will be stuck with them. Within ten years of Himmler taking over, the Jewish population in Germany is a small minority.

With that problem dealt with, Himmler turns his attention to destroying the Allies. A rearmament begins in Germany, and the Army grows to a size allowing it to be an offensive force. A forcible reoccupation of the Rhineland takes place, but now things turn ugly. It seems that the Allies may not let this violation of Versailles pass. Will the French go to war with Germany over this flagrant violation?



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