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In this alternate timeline, a small economic crash occurs during the late summer of 1992. Because of this, Ross Perot decides to stay in the race, and does not temporarily drop out. The intense campaign unearths a sex scandal on Clinton, and this, combined with the economy, hands Perot the victory.

Differences from Real Life

  • The Democrats and Republicans are more extreme in their liberal/conservative views, as many moderates/libertarians of both parties are absorbed by the Reform Party.
  • The US is now in a three-party system
  • The National Debt is much lower, even lower (percentage of GDP-wise) than in the 1960s.
  • NAFTA is non-existent.
  • There were no 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaeda carried out smaller attacks in October of that year. This still caused the Neo-Conservative President, Dick Cheney, to support war with Afghanistan, but with less popular support.
  • The War on Terror ended in 2006.
  • Hillary Clinton is a no-name figure, noted only for being first lady of Arkansas.
  • Donald Trump kept his 2000 political views and never veered over to the Tea Party side.
  • Due to the US now having a three-party system, the term "Third Party" has fallen out of use, and has been replaced with the term "Minor Party".


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