United Kingdom of Hyperborea

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Prime Minister Colbert

Sir Stephen Tyrone Colbert
is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Hyperborea, having held this position since the 2011 general elections. Colbert is noted for being the mastermind behind the Hyperborean Peace Accords, which ended long hostilities between the nations of the Hyperborean continent. Colbert is also a leading force behind the attempts of normalizing the border with Texas and making the Texan-Hyperborean border a free crossing like the rest of the Hyperborean borders.

John II Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy Jr.

King John II

John II FitzGerald Kennedy
is the current King of Hyperborea, having succeeded from the death of this father in 1997 to the present. John is a supporter of peace on the Hyperborean continent as well as peace with Texas and the restoration of the border between Texas and Hyperborea. 

United States of Eurasia

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin - 2006

Vladimir Putin, President for Life of Russia

Vladimir Putin is the President-for-Life of the United States of Eurasia. Putin came to power after the assassination of President Boris Yeltsin in 1995. After the 1995 coup, Putin, as the Vice President, was named President. In 1997, two years before the next elections, Putin seized emergency powers and all powers were subsequently transferred to the head of the executive branch, who was him. Putin was declared president-for-life six days after the Congress was dissolved. Putin faces little to no opposition within his government, although recent unrest in the states of Kiev and Polotsk may lead to a civil war.

United Kingdom of Oceania

Elizabeth of Oceania

Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit

Elizabeth I of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is the current Queen of Oceania. She became queen after the death of her father, King George II. Elizabeth is the first Oceanian monarch not to pursue her claim to the former British throne. As of 2015, she is the longest reigning monarch in Oceanian history, having surpassed Queen Victoria.

Republic of Greece



George Bush


George Walker Bush, 3rd Earl of Iran

George Bush was the 3rd Earl of Iran, until he was beheaded by ISIS movement during the 2006 Iranian Revolution. His death came as a shock to the leaders of the world, especially Hyperborea, and led to the Western Bloc's invasion and subsequent occupation of Iran.

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