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Manning, Cooper

(1974 - ) Cooper Manning was a quarterback for the National Football League, playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the majority of his career. Like his father and younger brother, Cooper was a natural at football, becoming one of the most talent quarterbacks in Mississippi while in high school. He was recruited to play for the Ole Miss Rebels, and became the starting quarterback in his sophomore year, leading the Rebels to a 9-3 season and a victory in the Citrus Bowl over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

During his junior and senior seasons, the Rebels would lose only 1 game, his last game. The Rebels went 13-0 in 1987 and won the southern championship game over Texas. The next year, Cooper would win the Stegeman Trophy, and would have to fight a rematch against rival LSU in the championship game. The Rebels, who had already beaten the Tigers in the regular season, fell in the bowl 23-10, with Cooper throwing the lone touchdown for the Rebels.

Unlike his father or brother, Cooper would sign with the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1989 in the midst of a Steelers rebuilding era. In 1992, the Steelers made the American Conference Championship, only to fall to the eventual winners, the New York Jets. In 1993, the team finally clicked, reaching the Super Bowl in back to back years, with Cooper winning his first in 1994. The Steelers won the Super Bowl once more in 1997, and against in 2001. In 2003, Cooper announced his retirement.

Following his retirement, Cooper joined in as a host on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, a position he stills holds today.

Manning, Peyton

(March 24, 1976 - ) Peyton Manning is one of most popular southern actors in America. Due to his friendly southern nature and appearance, Peyton's roles are often southern ones. Peyton made a few small appearances until his breakthrough in 2003, starring in the epic drama war film Atlanta as Confederate Lieutenant Joshua Tanner who tries to maintain his unit's morale as Atlanta is torn apart in the battle between the Union and Confederacy. From there, Peyton has starred in dozens of films, and won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as lawyer Jake Patterson in the Best Picture winning legal drama Southern Justice. Beginning in 2012, Peyton has taken the role of main character Jacob White in the award winning television series The Deep South.

Montana, Joe

(June 11, 1956- ) Joe Montana is a famous actor, with his most famous role being Captain Benjamin Willard in the 19990 epic war film Apocalpyse Now.



Oswald, Lee Harvey

(October 18, 1939 - ) Oswald grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana during World War II, and after during a period of unrest with the American occupation of Louisiana. He became known for his speed and ability to throw, which led to him becoming a star at football and baseball at his high school. In 1957 Oswald joined the Tigers of Louisiana State University as a backup quarterback, and then in 1958 got the starting job. Together with legendary halfback Billy Cannon, the Tigers went undefeated and were declared the southern champions. In 1959, the Tigers repeated, with Cannon winning the Stegeman Trophy in his senior year. In 1960, Oswald led the team to a 10-1 record, with their only loss coming from eventual southern champions Ole Miss. In his senior year of 1961, the Tigers would go undefeated once again and were declared southern champions. Oswald would win the Stegeman Trophy and his last game would be a victory in the Orange Bowl. 

Coming out of college, Oswald signed a contract with the Mississippi Hawks of the Southern Football League. The rivalry between the Oswald-led Hawks and the Cannon-led Houston Oilers defined the first half of the 1960s, until 1966 when Cannon left the SFL to play for the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League. Oswald led the Hawks to the championship game in 1963, where they were defeated by the Oilers. In 1967 and 1968, the Hawks would win back-to-back titles, and made another appearance in the 1971 championship, a loss to the Miami Dolphins. Following the 1971 season, Oswald retired from football. 

Oswald would turn to coaching following his retirement, initially serving as an offensive coordinater for the struggling Arkansas Razorbacks until 1980, when he landed the head coaching job at his alma mater. Oswald would have mixed success as head coach, struggling in some seasons, though in 1986 the Tigers won the southern championship. In 1997, Oswald announced his retirement from coaching. 




Romney, Mitt

(March 12, 1947 - ) Mitt Romney a famous actor hailing from the English-speaking Great Lakes region of Quebec. The son of a powerful business, Mitt let his older brothers follow in his father's footsteps and instead he fell in love with acting. The role Mitt is most often remembered for his role as corrupt Police Captain in the 1988 epic crime film Bronx.









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