A list of important explorers and leaders for the Hilmir Sjot timeline.

Early History (985-1299)

Bjarni Hjolfsson

A merchant hailing from Norway. His only mention in the annals is that he was the first to return from Vinland, and sold its location to Leif Ericsson, before leaving for Greenland.

Leif Ericsson

Son of Eric the Red, the discoverer of Greenland. Discovered Helluland and Markland; founded the colony of Leifsbudir. Ericsson was significantly involved in efforst to bring more settlers to Vinland, as well as efforst to convert the colony to Christianity. Ericsson claimed to be appointed governor of Vinland; in reality, although he was on friendly terms with the King of Norway, no such appointment took place. Died childless; his sister continued his clan.

Thorfinn Karlsefni

Discoverer of Straumsoy and de-facto controller of Hilmirsjot. Was significantly involved in efforts to bring more settlers to Vinland, in particular Hilmirsjot and Straumsoy. Founder of the Karlsefni clan.

Snorri Thorfinnsson

Son of Thorfinn Karlsefni, and the first European to be born in Vinland. One of the converts to Christianity in Vinland, Thorfinnsson was significantly involved in the effort to Christianize Hilmirsjot.

Thorvald Leifsson

Son of Freydis Eriksdottir. Due to his mothers maneuvering, he was recognized as his uncle Leif's heir and name and went on to lead Leifsbudir.

Alrik Lokisson

Pagan Greenlandic Chief. Founded the first settlement in Markland, Skeri, and was significantly involved in resisting Christian influences during his life.

Period of Isolation (1300-1499)

Era of Colonialism (1500-1799)

Revolutions Period (1800-1899)

Modern History (1900-2011)

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