República Popular de Moçambique
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Flag of Portuguese East Africa (proposal).svg
1974–1992 Mz renamo1.PNG
Flag of Mozambique.svg Coat of arms of Mozambique (1982-1990).svg
Flag State Emblem
Unidade, Crítica, Unidade
""Unity, Criticism, Unity""
Viva, Viva a FRELIMO
Capital Maputo
Official language Portuguese
Religion None (State atheism)
Government Marxist–Leninist Single-party state
Head of State
 - 1974–1986 Samora Machel
 - 1986–1992 Joaquim Chissano
Prime Minister
 - 1974–1986 Joaquim Chissano
 - 1986–1992 Mário da Graça Machungo
Legislature Assembly of the Republic
Historical era Cold War II
 - Portuguese Colonial War 20 September 1974
 - Mozambican Civil War 4 October 1992
Currency Metical

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