People's Republic of Mexico

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The People's Republic of Mexico, also known as Communist Mexico was a nation that existed in modern day Mexico from 1920-1925. The People's Republic of Mexico later went on to conquer several smaller Central American nations to form the Union of Socialist American States (USAS). The People's Republic of Mexico was formed after Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and several other prominent Communist leaders fled Russia after the failed October Revolution to Mexico, where their promises quickly garnered thousands of followers. "Equality, Food, and Land!" they shouted. Finally on the Mayo Revolutìon the weak Mexican government was overthrown and Vladimir Lenin announced the "People's Republic of Mexico."

Great Leap Forward

Lenin knew that for his fledgling nation to survive it would have to rapidly industrialize and establish a strong

Vladimir Lenin announces the Great Leap Forward

economy. He also knew the key to a good economy was good agriculture. Vladimir Lenin detailed a plan to rapidly industrialize Mexico through uses of mining, iron processing and others as well as to boost the agriculture by destroying farms used to farm opium and other drugs and by using every square acre of Mexico as farmland.

Leon Trotsky developed the "Waste Not An Inch" motto, which called for no farmland to be wasted. Thousands of acres of rice, corn, coffee and other grains were planted. Fruit bearing trees were cleared to provide space for the grain. Only in incredibly hilly areas did the Mexicans plant fruit trees. The goal of the plan was to produce thousands of tons of grain to sell and to eat. The plan was largely successful thanks to several prominent biologists that helped the plan.

Vladimir Lenin meanwhile had worked on industrializing the nation and he used iron mining as the backbone of his plan. All throughout Mexico any place where iron had been reported large mining sites were set up and along several dozen rivers Iron Processing factories were built. Using the steel created by the factories Lenin built larger cities, merchant vessels and others.

The Great Leap Forward ended with immense success. Mexico soon began to export thousands of tons of grains to sell and also steel. The plan helped foresee Mexico's rapid advancement.

Central American War

Vladimir Lenin had often expressed his desire to create a Communist superpower. He often had spoke of the need to "unite the Central American countries under freedom." Following the Great Leap Forward the Mexican army had rapidly advanced until it had become one of the best in South America. Mexico, shortly after the Great Leap Forward declared war and invaded Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Nicaragua, having already undergone a Communist revolution joined Mexico and fought for the Communists. Only four months after declaring war Mexico had overrun and conquered its South American neighbours. Mexico then formed the "Union of Socialist American States." Although Mexico claimed to be an equal member of the Union it was actually the leader of it and dictated policy.

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