Map of Manchuria in 1948

The People's Republic of Manchuria was a short-lived, unrecognized state led by Mao Zedong. The first communist state since the dissolution of Soviet Union, Manchuria was a target of the communist annihilation since the formation of the nation.

Large portions of the PR of Manchuria's Army were made by remains of the Soviet Union's Red Army.

The state lasted for only one year and three months, from November 1948 to January 1950. All that time was spent in the War of Manchuria, first against the Republic of China only and then to the United States, Korea and Japan. One atomic bomb was dropped in the capital city, Harbin, the fifth being used against civilians.


Losing the support of the Soviet Union, Mao was forced to delay his plans for a Communist China. He and his army retreated to Manchuria, already secured by the Communist forces. With the help of his militias and the Red Army, Mao secured the region and declared the Popular Republic.

The capital city was put in Harbin, and he was declared Chairman of the People.

The international reaction was fast. In two weeks, an American fleet was getting to the shores of Manchuria and the US army was going from Korea and Siberia to Manchuria. The War of Manchuria began.

War of Manchuria


Flag of PR of Manchuria

Atomic bomb Harbin

Harbin after the nuclear attack

War began when the Chinese Army invaded the border at west, being defeated by the Manchurian Army. Then, American troops came from South, from the Korea, and also landed from the Yellow Sea.

The borders were secured by Mao's militias, so that the Soviet Red Army could be securing the city of Harbin and other major cities.

As the militias in guerrilla were actually defeating the American troops, Mao started fearing an atomic attack, so he secretly moved alone for a underground bunker, working in the government from there.

In December 18, 1949, after two weeks of Mao's hiding, a nuclear blast happened in Harbin, Manchuria. The Red Army, almost all there, was nearly all annihilated and Mao had to reunite his Army.

Without anything to hold on to, Mao united the Army and they marched against Beijing, aiming to conquer the city. But a combination of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Armies defeated them in their way to Beijing. Mao escaped with some soldiers but most were either captured or killed.


In the end of the war, Mao escaped, allegedly to Mongolia, and then to southern China and Northern Vietnam.

McCarthy helped to build a more united Chinese Empire to prevent other communist rebellions in the country. A great power was built that way.

And the world knew that communism hadn't died yet but that there was more to come.

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