"Let the glorious banner of the Proletarian Guard fly over your heads!"

  • Emperor Tvardosky

We are the Peoples Republic of Korhal (also formerly known as the Terran Dominion), a growing power in


Flag of Korhal

the East at the continent of Osea. Our main goal is to promote our influence throughout Earth, and become one of the most powerful nations on the planet. We are proud members of the Union States of the Socialist Republics, and will gladly shed blood to protect our comrades!

General Secretary Tvardosky: Head Marshal of the Peoples Republic of Korhal, Head of all Weapons and Technology Development, Head of the Aerospace Navy.

High Overseer Thomas Rosen: Assistant Head of all Weapons and Technology Development

"We must acquire new lands for the Proletariat peoples!"

  • Vasily Kolivich, Head of Minstry of Exploration

The Peoples Republic of Korhal not only involves operations within the planet Earth, but also operations outside the biosphere and our airspace.

Here are the current operational colonies and their current status and whereabouts.

-Frission: A Peoples Republic of Korhal city has been built. More and more outposts and Nanite factories have dotted the landscape, while a new super-factory is being built within the Earth-like moon. Future research on Frission's native lifeforms very likely.

-Neo-Earth's Moon (Epoch): A massive super-factory has started to form, expanding on the abandoned Prometheus base. Currently functional, but not complete.

-Asteroid Belt: Tons of minor bases have been stationed at big asteroids. Multiple small asteroids are being used for mining. Currently own 1/5th of the belt.

-Umbriel: A network of Underground factories have been made here. Has started to produce capital ship-grade weaponry

-Amalthea: A discrete base is being built here, massive amounts of military outposts have been dotted all over the area. Reports of suspicious contacts spotted.

-OR10: A major military base has been built, tons and tons of freight shipped to the unknown planet. A massive weapons factory has been built as well.

-Makemake: The superfactory has been finally finished, churning out ships in massive quantities. Military bases are stationed here to protect the said factory.

-MS4: A minor outpost is stationed here. Nothing particularly massive has come up.

-Sedna:The colossal information outpost has been destroyed by an enemy ship. Reconstruction pending.

-Quaour:A second major weapon factory is being built, this one is used to build high payload nuclear weapons for use again enemies.

-Orcus:Major Research & Development labs have fully commited to research , success on projects are very likely.

-FY27:A superfactory is being constructed. Security level is very high.

-AW193:Outpost constructed. Building communications with Osea on earth

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