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Republic of England
Commie UK
Flag England]]
Anthem "Socialist Anthem"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Wakefield, Birmingham, Leeds, Worcester, Bristol
  others Russian
Anglican Church
  others Catholicism
Ethnic Group English
Demonym English
Government Parliamentary democracy
  legislature Parliament
Office Of The Party
Area 160,000 
Population 54,200,000 
Established 1957
Currency English pound
Calling Code 0709
Internet TLD .eng
Organizations Communist International, International Socialist Alliance






The single governing body of the Republic is known as the English National Communist Party or ENCP, presided over by Chairman Charles Caiman. The ENCP constitution, which is similar in parts to the Filipino Constitution, defines itself as a movement which "leads the broad masses of the English people to total victory in the national democratic revolution against imperialism...and brings about the fulfillment of the worldwide socialist revolution".

England Today

The People's Republic of England maintains only high-level relations with other nations, with its current major allies being the Philippines and North Korea; North Korea has recently sent military advisors to the Republic. In response, the Scottish Syndicracy has sent trops to the English/Scottish border

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