People's Republic of China
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Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Capital Beijing
Largest city Shanghai
Other cities Hong Kong, Macau, Hangzhou, Wuhan
Language Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghaiese, Uighur, Tibetan
Religion None
Ethnic Groups
  others Asian, Black, Tibetan, Uighur, White
Legislature President, National People's Congress, National People's Supreme Court
Population 365,548,643 Million

The People's Republic of China is the largest nation in East Asia.


Following the 7 hour war, ROC is at war with PRC. PRC, weakened by the nuclear strikes, were atttacked at Xiamen and Guanzhou. However, PRC numbers kept the ROC at bay and a bloody stalemate continued for a number of years. However, Korea, for the purpose of ending the conflict, declared war on both Chinas. PRC and ROC united to repel the invasion and the first peace talks begin afterwards. In the end, PRC have ceded the provinces of Fujian, Jianxi and Hainan to ROC.


The People's Republic of China governmental structure was founded based upon the Soviet Union's style of sovereignty and a Party Secretary with most of the power. However, the Secretary's power is limited by the National People's Congress

Foreign relations

Name Relations

Military Strength

The Military of the People's Republic of China following the ROC-PRC War and the Nuclear war began a mass Reformed policy in order to secure its future. Following the ROC-PRC war, development of new weapons swiftly began.

Combined forces

1,000,000  Active

2,000,000 Reserve


800,000 Active 1,770,000 in Reserve


170,000 Active 200,000 in Reserve


10,000 active 10,000 Reserve

Air Force

20,000 Active 20,000 in Reserve

Army Equipment

AK-47 (Full Service) Type 56 (Full Service) M-16 Rifle (Acquired from North Vietnamese Guerrillas) Type 63 (Full Service)

AKM (Full Service ) Type 62 Tanks: 800

Type 63 Tanks: 600