The People's Republic of China, more commonly referred to as China, was a nation in East Asia. It bordered North India, the region of Indochina, and the region of Central Asia. Manchuria bordered Korea. It was one of the largest nations in the world.

The nations was created after the Coup of 1949, which placed the Communists in control of the country. Germany was the first to fall in 1984, and its territories were either put under Chinese or US influence. The 1990s was a period of the decline, with the economy faltering and conflicts in Tibet.



Following the end of the Qing Empire in 1911, a new Republic of China was created, covering all the Empire's territories. However, the new republic was unstable and weak, and was blasted during the First Great War with the fighting in Manchuria. Manchuria was demolished, and the Chinese people had suffered greatly, with the most amount of casualties in the war. As with most other nations of the time, the Chinese began to follow the ideas of those who claimed they could bring China back to its former glory.

In December of 1919, the Communist Party of China was created, led by the young Mao Zedong, a colonel during the Second Pacific War. The Communists spread to the western edges of China, uniting the warlords there under the Communist banner. Worried about a possible rebellion, Prime Minister Sun Yat-sen began to organize the major warlords of the east. By the summer of 1920, China was essentially split in half. In October, the Communists expanded in to Manchuria, with thousands of protesters taking over Harbin. Sun then mobilized the military to the northeast, but left the central eastern half wide open. The Communists marched in and took Beijing by storm. Sun and his advisors fled to Shanghai. Zedong claimed that China was now his, and he would make the nation stronger. Millions cheered, and the revolution continued.

The Communist army attacked one of the last Republican bases, in Shanghai. The hastily put of defenses were shattered, and the city fell in days. Sun was forced to flee China.

First Great Jump

Grain Propaganda

propaganda poster showing the production of grain skyrocket

By 1924, the Communists manage to end the major rebellions occurring across China.

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