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The Soviet Union invaded Bornholm shortly after the United States invaded Cuba. Between 150-200 islanders flee to Denmark, while most of the island is happy with the change. Denmark choses not to go into armed conflict over the territory, and then the Great Nuclear War happens. Contact is lost with the mainland Soviet Union along with the rest of the world. Thus the 2,000 Soviet Troops stationed on the island declare the People’s Republic of Bornholm and Bornholm officially gained independence from Denmark. In 1963 after word of Bornholm’s existence gets out many people from Denmark and Northern Germany flee to the island, However these refugees are mainly communist Danes and Germans.

Nikola Chorsky is elected President of Bornholm, as he is the leader of the Soviet Troops on Bornholm. Nikola Chorsky is described as a Communist Hardliner by outside sources, as he declares total power and outlaws other political parties. He focuses mainly on Bornholm’s food, water, and gas shortages using the advantages of communism to solve these problems. After 13 years in power Nikola Chorsky dies in 1976, as the result of a stroke. However he did solve the nation's food and water problems and is remembered by his people because of it. However gas is still a major problem. The Communist Party of Bornholm’s President, Jørn Leonhard, who is a ethnically of Danish heritage, becomes President of Bornholm in 1977, and begins to monopolize the oil and gas industry. Under the rule of Jørn Leonhard there is virtually no starvation, no genocides, very little corruption from state and police, and a general sense of belonging.

Jørn Leonhard died in 1993, after 16 years as President of Bornholm. He was replaced by Janus Vilhelm, a native Bornholmer from the Communist Party. The People’s Republic of Bornholm eventually made contact with the German Democratic Republic, and Bornholm and East Germany eventually agreed upon an alliance between the two communist states. Janus was fairly young and thus his efforts were focused upon the school system and youth programs, along with Public Transportation to decrease fuel usage. Also compared to the previous Presidents, Janus Vilhelm was fairly young and thus he is still in office today.

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