In 1968, the Soviet Union supplied vast amounts of weapons, supplies and training to the socialist nation of South Yemen. Russian Spetsnaz train a guerrilla army of over 100,000 troops. 200,000 others are trained by the VDV, the Russian paratrooper corps, and equipped with the latest USSR planes, helicopters and tanks. In 1969, the Marxist Yemeni Socialist Party takes over South Yemen, and the "People's Democratic Republic of Yemen" sends its guerrilla forces to Oman. In 1970, the Yemeni Airborne Corps invades and the People's Democratic Republic of Southern Arabia is formed.

In 1972, after absorbing 30% of Oman's adult males and 25% of Yemen's, they invade Aden, the fledgling U.A.E., Bahrain and Qatar. Their highly advanced army, uses hardened guerrilla forces to pave the way for Blitzkriegs. Their army swells to five million, now recruiting women. They invade Saudi Arabia, pushing as far north as Riyadh, Buryadah and on the Persian Gulf coast, the Kuwaiti border.

The Soviet Navy provides fire in two groups, forcing the U.S. (which comes in during 1975 to aid the Saudis in order to protect oil supplies) to remain inland. Their fighting includes the world's largest tank battle, in the "Empty Quarter", and a vicious Stalingrad-like battle in Riyadh. The war stagnates and peace ensues. The PRA begins to sponsor similar revolutions in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. However, U.S. and Israeli Special Forces intervention prevents these from bearing fruit. The PRA still exists today.

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