People's Republic of America
Timeline: Reverse a Dragon and a Titan

OTL equivalent: United States' Mid-Atlantic, Tri-States, Midwest
Flag of the Peoples Republic of America Coat of Arms of the SSA by LordDavid04
Flag Coat of Arms

Workers of all lands, unite! (English)

Anthem "Hear the Common Man's Woes"
Capital Washington DC
Largest city Chicago
Other cities Detroit, Philadelphia, Minneapolis
Language English
Demonym American
Government Single Party Socialist State
President Mitt Romney
Premier Rand Paul
Area xyxy km²
Population 173,501,874 
Established 1 October 1949
Currency US Dollar


Second American Civil War

The rise of the People's Republic of America began quickly after the stock market crash of 1929, also known as the Great Depression. It did not help that the common man had already built up resentment toward the upper-class after politicians had failed to grant workers more rights. The fuel to the fire was also added when the United States joined World War I from the very start a war many believed that they had no part of participating in, and that the war was mainly a European conflict. With the collapse of the economy in the United States the angry veterans of World War I and the angry working men grouped together and united under the Communist banner - led by their chosen leader, a World War I veteran, Douglas MacArthur.

In 1929 the Second American Civil War broke out. The original front of the war began in the Midwest and in cities like Detroit and Chicago where a large amount of the working class rose up against the United States government. When the Communist rebels grew in great size, other states began to succeed from the United States as they felt the powers in Washington D.C. could not handle the growing rebel problems. The war continue for the next two decades with major stalemates across the remaining United States, until the mid 40s when the Communists began to gain more manpower than the United States and would force them to make a last stand in New York City. The Communists would eventually take New York City after a nine month siege.

Reign of MacArthur

With the Second American Civil War coming to an end in 1950, Chairman Douglas MacArthur could finally turn his attention to rebuilding the war torn country that had been left behind to catch up to the technological advancements the world had made. It was not until 1953 that America involved itself with a conflict outside of their borders. With the outbreak of the New England War, MacArthur took this opportunity to send soldiers to march into South New England's border to assist its Communist ally in North New England. The assistance to the Northern New Englanders would be for naught as the war ended in a ceasefire as neither side could advance past the original borders due to America's involvement and the mass amounts of reinforcements the Chinese could send in to counter American knowledge of the land.

MacArthur's reign as leader of America will be most known for his reinvention of Manifest Destiny as America's Destiny to reclaim itself as the most technologically advanced society and the nation all others should model itself after. In the process hundreds of thousands were killed off for ideas that split off from MacArthur's Manifest Destiny not their own.

Changing of the Guard

After MacArthur's death in 1964, several other leaders would try to take claim to the Chairman's absent seat. These would be named the Gang of Four would include an aged Dwight D. Eisenhower, who would later die in 1969 due to health complications. Then would be preceded by Hubert Humphrey who would serve until he was voted out of the chairman position in in 1976, than would later die two years later.

After Humphrey's removal from power, Gerald R. Ford was propped up in his position. With Ford in power he enabled the Communist Party to subsequently loosen governmental control over citizens' personal lives and the communes were disbanded in favor of private land leases. This turn of events marked America's transition from a planned economy to a mixed economy with an increasingly open market environment. China adopted its current constitution on April 12, 1982. In 1989, the violent suppression of student protests in the National Mall brought condemnation and sanctions against the Chinese government from various countries.

Modern Day

During the 90s and into the modern era, America has once again earned itself the status of a great power. The old Communist government system has now been loosened from the people of the nation due to the leadership of Gerald R. Ford, Bob Dole, Albert Gore, and more recently the current President of the nation Mitt Romney. Though with the recent economic advanced came at a price as the biggest issue in America right now is the ordeal of workers rights and the issue of the destruction of the environment.



The People's Republic of America Armed Forces are divided among four major branches: the American People's Grand Army (APGA), American People's Marine Corp (APMC), American People's Navy (APN), and American People's Air Force (APAF). America's army is the second largest army on the planet with a total of 1.5 million active military personnel.