The People's Army of France (French: L'Armée populaire de France), also known as the Collaboration Army, was a military institution of Bonneval France by the National Socialist Alliance after the fall of France in 1942.

After the fall of France, the requirement to defend the occupied nation fell to the British as the Germans were more occupied with their war with Russia. As the British took more control, they decided to establish a local force to help with the policing of France. While nominally under the control of the collaborationist Bonneval France regime, in reality it was directly controlled by the British, who controlled the appointments to the upper levels, which were almost all primarily political in nature. Few officers with experience were in France, and even few who the Natso's could trust to be in command of the army, which, by 1944 was over 900,000 strong, and were in charge of most of the defenses in the South, as well as internal policing duties, especially to hunt the Resistance fighters.

After the Liberation of France, many of the leaders of the Collaboration Army would be arrested, with many tried for Treason and Crime's Against Humanity. However, except in a few cases, most would be sentenced to reduced sentences, and many would be let free, due to the circumstances many would serve the Army, which included coercion and conscription.

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