Al-Maʿarri Front
أبو العلاء المعريجبهة
Participant in Syrian Civil War
Active 2010-present
Ideology atheism
Leaders Hamza Ismail
Mahmoud al-Jalil
Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali
René Shalhoub
Headquarters Flag of Syria Aleppo, Syria
Flag of Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Allies Flag of Syria Syrian Armed Forces
Flag of Lebanon Lebanese Armed Forces
Flag of Iraq Iraqi Armed Forces
Flag of Egypt Egyptian Armed Forces
Flag of the National Defense Force National Defense Force
Syrian resistance Syrian Resistance
and wars
Syrian Civil War
Iraqi War
Arab Spring
Egyptian Revolution
The People's Arab Socialist State (Arabic: الدولة العربي الاشتراكي الشعب) or the PASS in short or the Al-Maʿarri Front (Arabic: أبو العلاء المعريجبهة Jabhat Al-Maʿarri), is a paramilitary organization found in 2010 that is aimed at fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, as well as the North Syrian Coalition and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is also a political organization. It is based on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and has branches operating in those nations. It has a high number of atheists and non-religious believers, in addition to its numbers of Druze, Sunnis, Shi'ites and Christians.

The PASS is known to be supported by Russia. Its leader, Hamza Ismail is an atheist and described himself as a "pure kuffar". He named it the Al-Ma'arri Army after the historical Arabian atheist and retionalist poet Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri who attacked all religion. The PASS is also anti-Zionist.

The goal of the PASS is to established a Marxist-Leninist government in Syria, and to topple all theocratic influence. King Abdullah and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, the United States and other western powers condemned the group as being a terrorist group and as equal of a threat as the Islamic State. However, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran recognize it as a freedom-fighting militant group and vigilante organization.

The PASS currently also supports the respective armed forces of its host countries, with their groups being patriotic to their host nation. Vladimir Putin praised the PASS as "patriotic militants" while Barack Obama views them as terrorists threatening the peace in the Arab World.



The beginning and history of PASS started in the summer of 2010, in the precursors to the Arab Spring. Hamza Ismail, a former Sunni Muslim and a lawyer from Syria declared no faith, proclaiming "There is no God, and if there was, Muhammad was not his messenger" the opposite of the Islamic shahadah. As being targeted by Islamic extremists and overall angry Muslims, he had to flee to Lebanon.

In Lebanon and Egypt, Ismail interviewed and gathered a network of atheists and non-religious Arabs, founding the Kafir Network - an underground organization of atheists. The network also started to operate in Egypt and Israel, gaining support from Jewish atheists in Israel the latter used underground tunnels between Gaza and Egypt.

Ismail returned to Syria in September 4, 2010, armed with an AK-74u, killing ten Sunni Muslims. He was later tried by the Syrian government, and he was released under self-defense reasons and given his AK-74u back. Muslim activists rooted against this decision, trying to prove that he killed innocent Muslims.

Crypto-Atheists from Egypt started to join the network, in which a couple of incidences occurred with the death of Muslim Brotherhood members by the use of gunfire. By approximately December 11, 2010 - the organization had about 984,000 followers and supporters total from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq.

Barack Obama announced it as the "formation of another terrorist threat that needed to be expunged". Vladimir Putin announced it as "the formation of a vigilante organization that fights the savage Muslim extremists".

Arab Spring

During the 2011 Arab Spring, the PASS played a crucial role in fighting the Egyptian Revolution against
Egyptian forces

Egyptian members defend a building from violent Muslim protesters

President Hosni Mubarak. The leader of the Egyptian section, a former Muslim by the name of Mahmoud al-Jalil led a small force of 3000 armed with AK-74u submachine guns to open fire at violent protestors. However, they were outnumbered and eventually overwhelmed and had to flee the scene. Mahmoud al-Jalil went to Damascus to discuss with Hamza Ismail that the political party needed to be organized and divided into national branches.

This spawned the People's Arab Socialist State of Egypt (PASSE), Soon afterwards, Ismail called leaders from Lebanon, Iraq and his own Syrian homeland and spawned the leader Peoples Arab Socialist State of Syria (PASSS), People's Arab Socialist State of Iraq (PASSI) and the People's Arab Socialist State of Lebanon (PASSL).

The PASS operating in these Arab nations worked as vigilantes against the Arab protesters gaining members - even from religions. In Lebanon, they were considered a vigilante organization and started to gain Maronite Catholics, Greek Orthodox and even some Sunnis and Shi'ites. Hamza Ismail announced in May 19, 2011 that the PASS began an alliance with the Syrian Resistance, another Marxist-Leninist organization to fight Muslim rebels.

Syrian Civil War

Christian guard

A Syrian PASS member guards a church in Ma'aloula

During the Syrian Civil War, Hamza Ismail was concerned over the lack of weapons supplies that the PASS had access to. Ismail flew to Moscow begging the Russians for aid in weapons. Vladimir Putin agreed to sent a total of $3,000,000 worth of weapons supplies to members of PASS. Next, Hamza flew to Beijing from Moscow askin Ju Jintao for aid. Although the Chinese government stated that they would like to help PASS, but it would strain relations with the United States. Nonetheless, the Chinese did agree to sent PASS old Cold War-era weapons of limited aid.

In 2012, the PASS carried out a series of sabotage attacks against strongholds controlled by the Syrian rebels. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president also announced that he would support PASS, gaining the attention of Israel and Western nations. Obama warned PASS to "cease its ruthless attacks" or else harsh and well-deserved intervention would occur.

The Israeli government was concerned, when the Mossad learned that 45 Israeli citizens, all were non-Arab but Jewish atheists (Hilonim) had supported and joined PASS and were helping PASS prevent western interests.

ISIS Problem

During the emergence of ISIL, or ISIS - the PASS announced a new goal, "Wipe out ISIS, and then wipe out the western influences". King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ended up criticizing PASS and calling them anarchists.The PASS also sent death threats to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and promised the "end of the
Christian militants

Iraqi members celebrate victory over ISIS in battle

Wahhabi devils" once things were cleared in the Levant and Iraq.

In Iraq, the members of PASS received death threat from ISIS. The Iraqi PASS leader, Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali responded with back-death threats against ISIS and promised "total war and annihilation" against the "sub-humans". Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali later followed by sending members of ISIS a picture of himself with a beer in one hand, and an AK-47 in another hand with the phrase "come get some" in Arabic.

On September 11, 2014, PASS leaders in Iraq and Syria began the "Al-Maʿarri Offensive", targetting ISIS strongholds in Iraq. The PASS also helped stage a valiant resistance in the Syrian Christian village of Ma'aloula claiming to have taken the city back from the Islamic militants.

Barack Obama leader accused the PASS of carrying out "atrocities" against Muslims. Hamza Ismail claimed that PASS has killed over 983,000 members of ISIS. Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali also took pictures of PASS fighters celebrating with severed heads of ISIS fighters while pouring beer.

The PASS continues to fight against ISIS and all Muslim militant members.

National Branches


Syria is the country of where PASS was found, by Hamza Ismail, and is today known as the People's Arab Socialist State of Syria (Arabic: الدولة العربي الاشتراكي في سورية الناس) (PASSS). One of its main headquarters, is located in Aleppo, the city capital of Syria. The PASS has a stronghold of many Syrian cities, where it drove out members of ISIS - gaining Muslim members. Hamza Ismail, the founder of PASS is a Syrian and an atheist. The PASS has received high praises from the current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who has invited him into his palace home. Al-Assad has showed support for PASS, it also has alliances with many Syrian coalitions meant at fighting the ISIS such as Al-Nusra Front and the Syrian Resistance, and branches of the Syrian Armed Forces. Originally, it was meant to fight the North Syrian Coalition, and still does - it fights members of oppositions against Al-Assad's regime.


Mahmoud al-Jalil, a member of the PASS formed the People's Arab Socialist State of Egypt (Arabic: الدولة مصر العربي الاشتراكي الشعب) or the PASSE under Mahmoud al-Jalil's leadership. Al-Jalil was a former Muslim, and a member of the opposition against the Muslim revolutionaries in the Egyptian Civil War. The formation of the PASSE in many ways re-surfaced alliances between Syria and Egypt. He supported the presidency of Hosni Mubarak, and his militants aided Egyptian forces. Although originally an atheist political branch, al-Jalil's branch has also gained support from the Coptic Church, and many Coptic Christians have joined the PASSE. It is the formation of the PASSE that allowed for the PASS to operate under an Iraqi and Lebanese branch.


After the PASSE was formed, René Shalhoub, a Lebanese militant leader and a Maronite Catholic also visited Hamza Ismail in Aleppo to form the People's Arab Socialist State of Lebanon (Arabic: الدولة العربي الاشتراكي في لبنان الناس) or the PASSL. The Lebanese branch are also loyal to the Lebanese government. The Lebanese members often find themselves providing aid to the Syrian members when fighting against Islamic militants. The PASSL's headquarters are located in Beirut, Lebanon's capital city where one of the main PASS headquarters are also located. Being anti-Zionists, this Lebanese sections has been known to carry out attacks against Israeli military installments south of Lebanon's southern borders. During one incident, PASS fighters killed thirteen Israeli soldiers in a firefight, and destroyed four Israeli watchtowers and ten more Israeli army vehicles as retaliation for Israeli aerial attacks. They also destroyed three Israeli helicopters that were sent to try looking for PASSL bases. 


Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali, the leader of Iraqi militants' opposition against ISIS is the founder of the Iraqi branch of the PASS, known as the PASSI or the People's Arab Socialist State of Iraq (Arabic: الدولة العربي الاشتراكي في العراق الناس). The PASS's main goal in Iraq like in Syria, was to fight ISIS and ever since then, the PASSI has been busy carry out sabotage missions and operations against ISIS fighters and their strongholds in Iraq. They have been successful so far. However, the PASSI is also unfriendly to American forces. After taking care of ISIS, the PASSI attacked United States bases in Iraq. Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali explained these actions saying, "We are attacking all foreign threats. The members of ISIS were not Iraqis, but Israeli agents, Chechens and Kurds, you name it. Now, we are going to attack the very people that support them. Don't worry, we'll do this the traditional way, there will be no beheading - only shooting and killing. I am not a Muslim, and I will not enforce religious dogma. I'm an Iraqi and I will defend my country."

Future territories

Saudi Arabia

The PASS, who is known to have an avid hate and contempt for Saudi Arabia says that they plan to attack Saudi Arabia and establish a presence in that country. The PASSI and PASSS have stated, "We plan to continue what Saddam Hussein had wanted to do - strip Saudi Arabia of its undeserved wealth." The PASS states they want to make Saudi Arabia pay up for funding Muslim rebels in the Levant. King Abdullah released a statement responding by saying that an entire coalition awaits, and that the PASS fighters would be crushed in a fight, just like the Iraqis during Operation Desert Storm.

Israel and Palestinian territories

The PASS also plans to try establishing a presence in Israel and the Palestinian territories. However, Hamza Ismail stated that he does not know when or how yet. Recently, many Israeli Jews have vied to join the PASS. They were stripped of their Israeli citizenship.

International reaction

United States

The United States views the PASS as a terrorist organization, trying to re-surface the Red Scare and put in an already troubled region of the world. Barack Obama has released many statement attacking the PASS and calling them terrorists, who were as equally as bad of a threat as ISIS themselves. Muslim Americans have protested and rallied for more military action against PASS and all of its branches and allies. Obama has also issued many threats against PASS for military intervention.


Russia has a different view, and views PASS in a very positive light. Vladimir Putin had publicly praised the PASS, and referred to them as a "freedom-fighting" vigilante group. Russia also provides weapons and other means of aid to PASS fighters. Russia is one of its well-known supporters. Putin also warned Obama to stay out of their way, or else he would face a backlash. On October 2, 2014, the Russian Air Force airlifted aid supplies to PASS fighters.


China also shares identical views of PASS as does Russia. The Chinese government viewed PASS as an organization that relies on self-defense and the honor of protecting families from mad Muslim extremists. Ju Jintao of China, however, could only provide limited support to keep economic ties between China and the United States intact. 

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia also views the PASS very negatively, as they support the Syrian rebels. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has publicly referred to PASS as "anarchists", despite the fact that the PASS are patriotic pro-government militants in their respective home nations. He threatened to hit the PASS with serious consequences, including joint Saudi and American military action. The PASS responded by ensuring the annihilation of the Wahhabi regime.


The Islamic Republic of Iran started to support PASS in 2012, during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The United States and Saudi Arabia have been pressuring current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to cease its support of PASS, but he has refused to do so. Furthermore, Rouhani announced that he will continue Ahmadinejad's support, and attacked Saudi Arabia publicly.


The PASS has triggered mixed reactions in Yemen, many Yemenis support it and many don't. The PASS has encouraged Yemenis to support them, since Yemen also has problems dealing with Islamic terrorists. Amos ibn Shlomo ben Yitzhak al-Mansur, a Yemenite Jew from Raydha expressed his support for PASS, arguing that PASS would be pro-Yemeni government, not an opposition.