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Organization of Pennsylvanian Nations and States
Flag of Pennsylvania.svg
Proposed Member States
Formation TBD
Type Military, Economic, and Political Alliance
Legal status Proposed
Purpose/focus Defense, Economy
Headquarters TBA
Secretary General TBA

Goals of the Organization

The primary goals of the organization is to promote co-operation in several areas, namely:

  • Dialogue
  • Defense
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Foreign Relation
  • Integration


The Organization of Pennsylvanian Nations and States would have a goal prevent misunderstandings or diplomatic incidents between member states, as well as co-operate in the other areas. It would provide a forum to air grievances against other nations as well as opportunities to fix said problems.


The organization would promote joint training exercises, collective defense against raiders and other potential threats, intelligence sharing, and aiding each other in times of emergencies or disasters.

There would be a military council of one commanding officer from each nation serving on a board. This board would being to ensure similar training for personnel in each nation/state, and begin a transition to standardized equipment, ammunition, and sharing bases and logistical facilities.

Fort Indiantown Gap could be procured as a join operations center.


The goal of the organization economically would be to provide stabile markets for goods from each nation. It will also increase negotiations on a possible open border policy with all member nations.

The groups would work to prevent fraud, counterfeiting, and ensuring a fair exchange rate between each nation, as well as helping each member develop a stable currency to ease trade for nations who still primarily rely on barter as a source of currency.

It also would promote expanding Far Point Airport, Lehigh International Airport, and State College International Airport as major hubs, and Gettysburg Airport, Hazleton International Airport, and Reading Regional Airport as minor hubs.


The organization would work with the United Communities to figure out a plan for each nation to have a similar set of guidelines for education.

It would also promote the reformation of the Pennsylvania State Education System, by setting up Pennsylvania State University (State College) as the flagship university, and University of New Pittsburgh (North Pennsylvania), Hazleton University (Commonwealth of Susquehanna), York College (Gettysburg), and Pennsylvania State University: Schuylkill (Reading) as branch campuses.

Foreign Relations

The organization would allow each member state to provide diplomatic services to other member nations without a presence in a particular country. It would also send an observer representative to the United Communities.

The organization would also send one observer to the League of Nations and pursue membership for all nations in OPNaS.


The organization would promote reconstruction of the damaged or destroyed cities, and the possible reintegration of some or all member states. This portion of the organization is less critical than the others.

Proposed Member States

Possible Member States

Proposed Headquarters

The government of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna has proposed several ideas for a possible headquarters, from a set of buildings that would be under the jurisdiction of the organization (similar to the pre-Doomsday United Nations), to a utilizing a currently existing city as the headquarters (similar to pre-Doomsday Vatican City), or building an entire new headquarters city near Harrisburg or Philadelphia.

Susquehanna has proposed temporarily using State College as it has developed infrastructure and is relatively central in location, then developing Packers Island as new headquarters. It also has proposed, when the radiation drops to nonlethal levels in Harrisburg, rebuilding that city as the final headquarters.