Puiⁿ5 siaN5
Capital Penang Town
Largest Cities Penang Town: 427,000
Butterworth: 31,000
Population 896,000
Our Timeline Equivalent Penang
MLY Kek Lok Si Temple (VegWorld)

Kek Lok Si Temple (极乐寺/極樂寺)

Penang is the name of an island of Malaya and also the name of the state containing Penang Island, as well as the mainland, called Seberang Perai, containing the town of Butterworth. It is the only state of Malaya in which ethnic Chinese are the plurality, though some cities have Chinese majorities (like Ipoh, which is 70% Chinese). The most-spoken language in Penang is "Penang Hokkien", a dialect similar to the dialect from Chiangchiu, Hokkien, and differing from the Amoy-like dialects spoken in Sundarapore and southern Malaya. Malay is generally spoken by the Malays. Many Penangites are bilingual or trilingual. English (in local dialects) often serves as a lingua franca, although Malay and Hokkien are also widely known. Partly because of linguistic and ethnic affinities, Penangites are some of the major traders with the nation of Hokkien.

Penang, like Sundarapore, and Malacca, has a profound architectural history, with some amazing examples of European, Chinese, and blended "Straits" architectural styles. It is also famous for its amazing variety of food, that is similar to the food in Sundarapore and other places, yet also has its own taste.



83% Vegetarian
17% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

43% Chinese (mostly Hokkien, some Gwong, Gan, and others)
40% Malay
10% Indian
05% multiple race (Peranakan, etc)
01% other Nusantarans
01% others

Note: "multiple race" means that a person is less than 75% one race. Otherwise, that person is counted as part of the group that s/he identifies with.


45% Chinese languages (mostly Penang Hokkien, as well as Jyut (Gwong))
42% Malay
08% Tamil
03% English
02% others

Note: The majority of people understand Malay. The same can be said for Penang Hokkien and English.


33% Hindu (mostly Vaishnava)
28% Freethinker
17% atheist
11% agnostic
25% Buddhist
06% Jain
06% Muslim (mostly Nusantaran Islam)
02% others (Catharism, etc)

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