Peliculosa is the name often given to the Mexican film industry in Guadalajara and its surrounding areas, similar to the name "Hollywood" in the United States. Peliculosa is a suburb of Guadalajara where, traditionally, the main three studios of Mexican film have been located, as well as Animacionando, the main animation studio. Peliculosa films are often bright and colorful, include strong central male heros, have notoriously low production value, and generally employ optimistic and upbeat themes. Peliculosa is also dominated by its animated sector, which produces what are known in the United States as "meximations" and as animaciones grandes in Spanish - a unique style of mature animated films often compared to Japan's anime style, a far cry for the often cartoonish, juvenile animation often associated with the United States.

While Peliculosa's products often fail to find much, if any, of a market in the United States or in Europe, the wealthy studios in Guadalajara have nearly cornered the Latin American market, often outmuscling local products in Colombia, Peru or Argentina by a 45-to-1 profit ratio. For this reason, Peliculosa is often referred to as "Hollywood South" or "Mexiwood," also in part due to the friendly relationship between Mexican studios and their American counterparts - often, Peliculosa's infrastructure is used when American studios need a cheap place to shoot films, similar to Hollywood's partnership with the Hawai'ian film industry.

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