The Pegu accords were proposed by Binnya Kyal II of the Kingdom of Burma as a permanent solution to the Bengali trouble in controlling their areas of Burma and as a permanent scheme to determine the system of Indian rule over the area.


  1. Ava will become independent as a Bengali vassal, with Binnya Kyal as its king.
  2. Ava will get general autonomy in internal affairs, similar to the Bahmanid’s relation with the Kingdom of Burma.
  3. Arakan will become an independent subah (province) within Bengal, with the King of Burma being subahdar (governor).
  4. Within Ava and Arakan, Burmese culture and religion will not be infringed upon. 
  5. Unlike the Kingdom of Burma, Gunturism will not be allowed in Ava or Arakan.
  6. Despite the personal union, the areas above will not merge any further without express permission from both the Bahmanid and Bengali Sultans.
  7. Taungoo and the southern half of the Shan States will be considered the sphere of influence of the Kingdom of Burma, while the northern half of the Shan states will be considered that of Ava.

Discussion (In-Game)

Discussion (OOC)


  • Sultan Shamsuddin Yusuf Shah, the Amir of the Bengalis, Atabeg of Arkan and Ava, the Sultan of Bengal, and the Overlord of the Ahoms - ReichTimeguten tag anschlüssReichTime 19:31, October 8, 2016 (UTC)
  • Sultan ul-Mujahidin, Overlord of Burma and the Maldives, Ismail Shah, Sultan of the Bahmanids - The Guardian of Forever (talk) 02:30, October 8, 2016 (UTC)
  • Binnya Kyal II, King of Burma - The Guardian of Forever (talk) 02:30, October 8, 2016 (UTC)

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