220px-Peenemuende, UBB-Bahnhof

Peenemünde railway

69px-Wappen peenemunde

Coat of Arms of Peenemünde

is a city in the Greater German Reich on Usedom island in the Baltic Sea. Peenemünde was the site of several German rocket tests before the arrival of the Zheronians, and a major location for ISOT research. Wernher von Braun often worked at Peenemünde.

Peenemunde has grown to system-wide fame (it is not nearly as famous in parts of the Zheronian Empire in farther parts of the Milky Way, or in other galaxies) for being the Reich's premier station for weapons research (regional outposts of the Zheronian Empire often develop weapons on their own; the central government on Cvidarrki is too busy administering the far-flung Empire).  It is here several Reich exploratory missions began, such as the expedition to Alpha Centauri; the ship used in that expedition, the Reichsraumschiff Fuhrerprinzip, commanded by Hugo Sperrle, was built at Peenemunde.

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