State of Peel
Flag of Peel Seal of Peel
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Old State
Motto(s): Floreat (Latin)
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Official language(s) English
Demonym Peelian
Capital Fremantle
Largest city Mandurah
Area Ranked 9th
 – Total 155,209 km2
Population Ranked 6th
 – Total 21.427 million
 – Density 138.05
Admission to Federation 1 January 1784 (1st)
Governor General Kerry Sanderson
Prime Minister Mark McGowan (DLP)
Deputy Prime Minister Roger Cook (DLP)
Legislature Senate
 – Upper house Legislative Council
 – Lower house Legislative Assembly
Senators Mathias Cormann (DLP)
Michaelia Cash (NUP)
Glenn Sterle (DLP)
Dean Smith (NUP)
House delegation List
Time zone Western Standard Time (UTC +8)
Abbreviations PE
Internet TLD .pe

Peel is a state in Southwestern Cygnia and is the 12th-most extensive, 6th-most populous, and 7th-most densely populated Cygnian state. Peel is bordered by New Cambridgeshire to the north, The Capes to the south, and Auralia to the east. The state has a western coastline facing the Indian Ocean and also borders on three sides the imperial capital of Swanstone to the west. Peel has an estimated 21.4 million residents as of 2016.

Peel had been inhabited by the Wadjuk Aboriginal people for thousands of years by the time the earliest Europeans came to the region. The first Europeans to arrive were Dutch explorers led by Willem Janszoon in 1606. Janszoon returned in 1614 with colonists to claim the region for the Dutch, who built Port Nassau in what is today the state capital of Fremantle, which is also one of Cygnia's main ports. The Dutch soon also settled New Rotterdam and parts of the Darling Scarp, establishing the colony of New Holland, a multicultural community from its earliest days and a centre of trade and immigration. The British annexed the colony from the Dutch in 1670. The borders of the British colony, the Colony of Peel, were similar to those of the present-day state.