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Hal holbrook

Ohio Representative Robert Pearson in 1980, prior to his electoral victory.

Pearson Wins! is an alternate history timeline that focuses on a fusion of three divergence points:

  1. A strong opposition movement emerges in the 1950s, among native Hawaiians and Alaskans, effectively keeping them territories while allowing the U.S. to maintain its forty-eight star flag.
  2. An academic with Ohio State University's political science department (Robert Pearson), working with the Ohio State legislature, is prompted to run for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in 1974 and is victorious.
  3. President Ford successfully wins re-election in 1976. With four more years of the Republican party, the American people seek a new path forward for the nation and select an "outsider" to become the next President. The man is Ohio Representative Robert Pearson whom emerges as an unlikely nominee for the Democratic Party in 1980.
    US flag 48 stars

    In this timeline, the U.S. flag kept its configuration of 48 stars.

The timeline begins here: 1976.

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