US flag 48 stars

In this timeline, the U.S. flag has kept its configuration of 48 stars since 1912. (Over 104 years and counting)

Temporal Incursion 1918 is an alternate historical timeline that was created after a specialist with the joint Stanford University-United States Department of Defense Temporal Observations Group accidentally rescued 1st Lieutenant John Nichols who had originally died at the Battle of Belleau Wood on June 9, 1918.
Hal holbrook

U.S. Senator from Ohio Robert Nichols in 1980, prior to his electoral victory.

This accident led to a severely injured John Nichols rescuing thirty-six U.S. Marines who had originally died during the battle as well. Nichols would later run for a U.S. Senate seat in his home state of Ohio and father a son that would become an iconic U.S. president.

Much of the timeline shares broad superficial similarity to the OTL until the 1950s when Senator Nichols successfully lobbies against the inclusion of Hawaii and Alaska as states. The timeline diverges significantly from there as President Nixon chooses to resign in early 1974, allowing Vice President Ford to be become President months earlier than in the OTL. Ford is later assassinated by Lynette Fromme in September 1975 which allows Vice President Matthew Sinclair to ascend to the presidency. Sinclair chooses Senator Bob Dole as his Vice President and wins election to his own term in 1976. This success is championed as a victory for conservatism in America. However this victory is short-lived when in 1980, with a worsening global situation, the American people seek a new path forward. A little known Senator from Ohio began to gain momentum among Democratic voters eventually emerging as its nominee. This man is John Nichols' son Robert.


  • This timeline will be tied to at least two other potential timelines: one involving a town being catapulted from the 2010s to 1492 and another in which time travel was invented in 1994.
  • The timeline is meant to be a largely unbiased satirical/critical view of American culture and politics. Perhaps this timeline has more in common with counterfactual history, it does attempt to use historical facts and calculate events to their logical extremes. The goal of this timeline is to remain as realistic as possible without losing potential stylistic images, i.e. the 48-star U.S. flag; which has no realistic way of existing in the 2010s but per the "rule of cool" it will remain. Though symbolically, the 48-star US flag represents an older America, a much different America from OTL.

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