Peak Oil is an ongoing event in the world, as some of the remaining oil deposits in the world are being depleted, and the mostly hit hard countries were Japan, China, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Gran Colombia, and Central America. The Celtic Alliance, United States, France, Siberia, Arabia, and Persia were not hit as hard, as they are the top produces of oil. These countries halted all oil exports to other nations to keep the oil reserves for their own uses.

On August 12, 2009 Peak Oil was declared by the US Secretary of State which led to chaos within the country, but ended when the National Guard was called in, and enforced curfew from August 12 to January 12, 2010. In France, the same reaction was encountered by the French police, leading the deployment of the French Army and Marines to disperse the riots, and bring the major cities back under control.

In Persia and Arabia, the largest producers of oil, life continued on normally, while chaos ensured the northern state of Kurdistan, leading to the deployment of the Persian Peacekeeping Force. The Celtic Alliance was not hit as hard as some countries, since they controlled parts of the North Sea oil deposits, and continued with their daily life. In Japan and China, the government had to declare martial law in major cities (mostly Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, and Vladivostok).

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