Also called colloquially "white berets", Peacegivers are members of the armed forces of the League. The Peacegivers are under the control of the Council and can be deployed to stabilised a region or to help in cases of natural disasters.

The idea for the white beret was based on the concept of Collective Security and Defence whereby any breach of the peace is considered a concern to all and those not directly involved in a conflict should try to prevent escalation through neutrality and mediation. This was a departure from the 19th century concept of "balance of power" according to which security is achieve by military alliance and counter-alliance. In cases of conflicts, the Council of the League of Nations will determine through a majority vote what form will the Peacegivers' intervention take.

Peacegivers are volunteers who are recruited from all over the world. During their term of service (5 years renewable), they are considered stateless so as to maintain an air of neutrality. Nevertheless, Peacegivers will normally be posted somewhere to which they have no connection.

A limit is imposed on the size of the peacegivers' personnel being equal to 1/3 of the average army of members nations.

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