This timeline sees the Peaceful solving of the yugoslav problem.

Yugoslav Republics

  • Serbia (OTL Serbia plus e. Rep. Srpska minus Vojovodina and Kosovo)
    • Belgrade
    • Central Serbia
    • Podrinje (E. Rep. Srpska)
    • Sanjak
  • Bosnia (OTL: North Fed. B-H.)
  • Croatia (OTL Croatia plus western Hercegovina)
    • Central Croatia
    • Slavonia
    • Dalmatia
  • Slovenia (OTL Slovenia plus Istria)
    • Carniola
    • Istria
    • Carinthia
    • Gorizia
    • Prekmuria
  • Dardania (OTL Kosovo plus NW Macedonia plus North Albania)
    • Kosovo
    • Albania
  • Macedonia
  • Vojvodina
  • Montenegro
    • Zeta
    • E. Hercegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Krajina (W. Rep. Srpska)
    • Srpska Krajina
    • Bosanska Krajina

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