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President Roosevelt is in a tight situation. By going to war with the Soviet Union, he had unleashed the powerful forces of isolationism in the United States, who wanted to do anything to make sure there would never be another war that the US ever goes to war with a foreign power. The immense pressure forces Roosevelt to back down, and ask for negotiations with the Russians. Although the various governments in exile were furious at this, Stalin himself is glad, as the Soviet Navy was in no shape to take on America...yet.

The Peace of London in signed in 1940, but Roosevelt does not run for re-election, so the Republican candidate, Charles Lindbergh, easily dominates the election, and begins to focus on the economy, still stumbling around after the Great Depression. Within a couple years he manages to get the economy rolling again, and wins yet another landslide victory in 1944, easily returning to the White House.

Meanwhile, in the new Union of Eurasian Socialist Republics, Joseph Stalin looks at America ... and sees the last opponent to fight. Britain and her empire will fall easily, he knows, and Japan can be brought to its knees by the air force, without need to deal with the navy. But the US, should she be angered, will strike, and strike hard.

So what does Stalin do?

Take to the seas!

Japan and the UK must fall first!

Sabotage, Spy's... don't care, just use 'em!

created by Tbguy1992 14:47, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

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