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The Peace of Kiev was the peace treaty that completely ended World War II. Signatories came from all of the principal nations of the War. The Treaty was signed on August 26, 1945 in Kiev, Russia and ended the bloodiest war in history



  • US President Henry A. Wallace and Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, and George S. Patton
  • UK PM Winston Churchill and General Bernard Montgomery
  • French General Charles de Gaulle
  • Spanish PM Francisco Franco and King Carlos/Charles V
  • Japanese Emperor Hirohito and PM Hideki Tojo


  • Reichsfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel Heinrich Himmler (later tried for war crimes)
  • General Manuel Ciano of Italy (later tried for war crimes)
  • General George H. Walker of the CSA (pardoned by the US government)
  • Emperor Franz Joseph II of Austria-Hungary (forced to abdicate in favor of his son who ruled the Empire of Austria afterwards)
  • Maximilian III of Mexico (pardoned by the US government)


The world political map changed drastically after the Treaty.

Helmet of Victory Start of World War II
The World Before the War started.
Helmet of Victory End of World War II
The World At the End of the War

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