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The Germans are unwilling to give up and the French and Soviet lands. They refuse to reach an agreement. Ultimately, the peace talks fall apart. The Soviet Union redeclares war, while Rommel's forces are instructed to attack the American troops in France.

Rommel strikes quickly and forcefully. A stalemate begins, slowly turning to Rommel's favor. General Westmoreland knows he can't win on his own. Not with conventional weaponry.

In America, Lyndon B. Johnson is very unpopular. He's seen as a failure and has little chance for re-election. However, he wants to institute a draft to turn the tide of the war. The idea is controversial and generally disliked by the public. Many people clamor for nuclear bombs to be used. Still others join anti-war movements, disturbed by the widespread loss of life. He isn't sure of which decision to make.

Doctor Evulz (talk) 12:19, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

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