I bet none of you have heard much about Thailand, have you? If you haven't, it may be another thing just like our cultures, heritages and places. But in the ways of the world, Thailand is not a powerful just like the countries in Western European Nations and the United States, In this ATL, I will bring you about "If the Western colonial expansion of Asia just only India and not going for further more" and "Japanese Empire wasn't exist either." Thailand will be now an empire, competing with other powers in western hemisphere

I have talked enough. So simply, Thailand will become a superpower (Along with the United States and Soviet Union).

This is all about "Pax Siamese".

Point of divergences


King Mongkut of Thailand

King Mongkut, the 5th monarch of Thailand.


The King of Siam, Mongkut has acknowledge that he was to be crowned as King in 1851. He has planned that he would gain his kingdom to be more wider and prosper than the past. He has expanded throughout south east Asia. But he didn't reign long enough to control, he was succeeded by his son, King Chulalongkorn, the king follow the path of his father has created and modernize the most of the country itself.

During his reign, King Chulalongkorn has annexed all the countries by the peace way, by his wisdom to be the heart of the people throughout the region. Japanese Islands was annexed by Thailand, with his treaty to cooperate and control the people of Japan by administration and policies. During of his time, he also had abolished the slavery in Siam.

King Chulalongkorn portrait photograph

King Chulalongkorn, 6th monarch of Thailand.

By the time of 1910, King Chulalongkorn has died, succeeded by his son, Vajiravudh in. King Vajiravudh has not expanded more into the British Raj (India)'s territories. However, he decided to modernize most of the areas of the country itself instead.

In 1914, World War I was occurred during the reign of King Rama VI. Thailand was allied with the Tri-Entente Powers (UK, US and Russian Empire) to defeat the Central Powers and its allied. The South American Union, which allied to the Central Powers was firstly attacked Thailand on the Philippines Islands. King Rama VI declared war to the SAU, and expelled the most of the SAU Forces with the Royal Thai Marines Corps and Royal Thai Naval Forces, and then invade the SAU on the upper western part of SAU. and reach its capital, Bogota in 1917, SAU was surrendered to Thailand and a year later, the world war I ends.

After the war, the formation of the democratic government first installed in 1920 and then slowly installed. And fully installed in 


King Prajadhipok (Rama VII), King of the Thai People

1923. Siam was the second world power who formed democracy in the country. He was 

succeeded by his brother, Prajadhipok in 1925 after his death. And his reform on the democratic

government was begin, to change its Unitary status to Federal. Kingdom of Siam changed its name into Imperial Kingdom of Thailand (Often called Thailand for Today) But his status was still the King. His full title was

Phra Bat Somdech Phra Maha Chakrabhat Rajathibodi Poramintharamaha Prajadhiphok Phra Pokklao Chao Yu Hua (th. พระบาทสมเด็จพระมหาจักรพรรดิราชาธิบดี ปรมินทร์มหาประชาธิปก พระปกเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว) or called as King Rama VII

King Rama VIII were succeed to the Imperial Throne in 1934 and led to developing the country by the reformation of the education and military, making Thailand is the most militarized power in the region.

Five years later, Nazi Germany declared war on the allied forces and invade the most territories of Europe, Chinese Empire, which has allied with Nazi Germany has turned into a fascist states in 1940 And then invaded Korea and Japan in 1941, creating a fascist Imperial State of Japan. Thailand declared war on China and joined the World War II. With cooperation from the United States and Soviet Union Thailand has won over the Chinese Empire in 1943.

Also, Thailand had joined in the War of Liberation of Europe (Western Front) to liberate Europe under the fascist rule by the Nazi Germany after won the war with China in 1943. In return for the United States for joining the war against China. Victory has been celebrated in April 30th, 1945. 6 months later, Thailand is the main key to the creation and establishment of the United Nation. Until now, Thailand has now been a permanent member of the United Nation Security Council (From 5 permanent members United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, France and Thailand.) 

King Rama VIII died mysteriously in 1946 and succeed by his brother, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX). And then rebuild the economy and the military, which made Thailand the most powerful nation in Asia, and then led to the establishment of Association of the South East Asian Nations in 1967.

During the cold war, Thailand has remained the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, but Thailand had nor aligned the United States and Soviet Union neither to maintain a special relationships between the superpower, making a bonded relationship Between the United States and the Soviet Union through a non-aligned Thailand.

After the end of the cold war, United States and Soviet Union admired Thailand for bringing the end of the cold war by peace.

North America

United States

Map of the United States and Confederate States (Pax Siamese)

Map of the United States and Confederate States

Civil Wars in North America has go through out the continent, the U.S. annexationist in Canada, the Confederate States in America and C.S. annexationist in Mexico, When the Civil War have reached its climax in April 1865, the Treaty of Richmond was declared to recognize Confederate States as an independent nation but had to paid high debt to the United States for the loss of the lives in the battlefield, Canadian and Mexican representatives were in Richmond to represent their intent to let the U.S annexed Canada and C.S to annexed with Mexico.

Confederate States of America was declared to be fully independence from the United States in May, 1st 1865. United States gained Canada while Confederate States gained Mexico.

United States was completely isolated during 1870's to 1940's because not to involve with any alliance that cause to the war, but the neutrality of the United States was violated by when Japan attacked Pearl Habour in 1941, and begins to quickly developed the economies for the war then call the Southern counterpart to join the battle, but as its policy were clear, complete isolation from the world. But the Confederate was also violated when the Fascist Caribbeans invaded the Confederate, making the country itself has to declare war on the Caribbeans and the Axis Power, with the corraborating with the northern counterpart, making the Confederate to gain the lands in Africa, the Caribbeans and the Philippines Island.

United States has becoming the superpower in the western world, along with the Soviet counterpart for the socialist world.

After the cold war, United States and Soviet Union are the superpower, but the Soviets and the Americans remain their relationship as the common ideals towards freedom and democracy.

Confederate States

Nothing much to known about the Southern counterpart, because its policy to isolate from the eyes of the world were very affective, the only time that they cooperate with the United States during the World War II and gain the lands in Africa, the Caribbeans and the Phililpines island. But afterall, this country keep the moderately relationship between the people of the world, but maintain their neutrality status, like Switzerland.

Today, the Confederate States is now known as " Neutrality Superpower" led the third world country who doesn't want to interfere with the world.

American Reunification 

Althrough the American Unification Treaty of Havana was proposed for the unification of the Confederate States and the United States. Despite the difference between the Confederacy and the United States, 67% people in the United States want to reunite with the Confederacy. the Southern counterpart hasn't make a poll yet, but will create a referendum for the Unification instead, which will take place in Sunday 16, 2014. 

The local poll has surveyed about the Citizen of the Confederate States wants to reunite with the United States is 54%, Doesn't want is 26% and Don't Know is 20%.


United Kingdom 

The British Empire continues to live on but in more of the self-autonomy to its dominion, which is being reformed after the World War II, into the United Britannian Imperial Federation. Which made the British Empire a great power in the European Nations. Also led in a creation of the United Federation of European Nations.

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