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Welcome to Pax Germanica. This is a new timeline, that out of my imagination and the collaboration of other uses, I have decided to create. As creator, this is not only a timeline of historical events, and full of historical records: it is a digital book within the Alternate History Wiki. A book of memories, and short stories from this time period. This timeline tells the story of a new world. A different WWII, and a Cold War, with a twist. Welcome, dear historian and unleash your imagination into this timeline.


The Death of Winston ChurchillEdit

Winston Churchill: one of the greatest figures in human history. In our timeline, he became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which, thanks to his leadership, survived the hardships of WWII. However, in this timeline, he is gone. During a trip to New York City, Winston Churchill, is hit by a taxi cab, and killed in a car accident. The death of this leader, sets the stage for things to come.

Rise of Reinhard HeydrichEdit

As Hitler begins WWII, there is rumors that he is diagnosed with brain cancer, a few days after the Fall of Warsaw. Over the course of the rest of 1939, and starting on February, 1940, Hitler's condition worsened, until he was finally found dead peacefully in his bed on February 12, 1940. It was then on that day that Reinhard Heydrich, Chief of Security Police and SD, decided to take it upon himself and rise to power as the new Führer of the German Reich. He continued to advance through the Marginot Line and managed to bring France to its knees. The Battle of Britain became much shorter and thus forced then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain into a negotiation with the Germans. This left Reinhard the ability to advance through Europe unopposed, in collaboration with the USSR. This would change the outcome of the whole conflict in Europe and Northern Africa, although Japan's outcome remains the same. 


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