British lion

History has never been the same since the American rebellion against the British crown was victorious and Napoleon defeated, but what if the British and the French empire would survive to present day, and as a result Victorianism and Colonialism is popular today as it was in 1700's?

First POD

The Americans choose Charles Lee over George Washington. After a long and a bloody war, the British are victorious. The Americans responded with guerrilla style War, but they had no chance against a professional army, as the history books tell us. The British severely punished the rebels, and made sure no further rebellion will take place in the New World (or as called in the Cold War - Britain's World).

Second POD

Napoleon smashes through Moscow and discover it rather intact. Russian farmers and soldiers were too busy running or fighting and not destroying vital supply like in OTL. Because of that, Napoleon's Army is ready when the winter arrives and manages to advance until the Urals mountains where he stops. The Russian empire is destroyed and all area east of the Urals are called the Russian Wasteland, up until present Day. Napoleon then manages to win the battle of Trafalgar and advances until he lands in Great Britain, however the British people manages to throw him out. With Britain is highly damaged and Napoleon's Army is running out of soldiers, both sides sign a peace accord. Napoleon then starts the European Union (l'Union européenne) from France all the way to the Urals.

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