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Paulist presidential election, 2014
November 7 (first round)

November 28 (second round)

Eduardosuplicy Aecioneves
Nominee Eduardo Suplicy Aécio Neves
Party Social-Labourist Party Liberal Party
Home state San Paulo Minas de Ouro
Running mate Rui Falcão Aloysio Nunes
Popular vote 54,501,118 51,041,155
Percentage 52% 48%
 The Paulist presidential election was held in 2014 with two rounds of balloting. The first round was held on November 7 along with other elections as part of the 2014 general election.

As no presidential candidate polled 50 percent of the vote on November 5, a runoff was held on November 26 between Eduardo Suplicy and Aécio Neves.

Suplicy was re-elected with 52% of the second round vote.

That was one of the closest elections in San Paulo.

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