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Paulist presidential election, 2010
November 5 (first round)

November 26 (second round)

Eduardosuplicy Geraldo Alckmin
Nominee Eduardo Suplicy Geraldo Alckmin
Party Social-Labourist Party Democratic Party
Home state San Paulo San Paulo
Running mate Rui Falcão Indio da Costa
Popular vote 55,752,529 43,711,388
Percentage 56% 44%
 The Paulist presidential election was held in 2010 with two rounds of balloting. The first round was held on November 5 along with other elections as part of the 2010 general election. As no presidential candidate polled 50 percent of the vote on November 5, a runoff was held on November 26 between Eduardo Suplicy and Geraldo Alckmin. Suplicy won with 56% of the second round vote.

The election determined the successor to President Plínio de Arruda Sampaio, of the Socialist Party. According to the Constitution, the president is elected directly for a four-year term, with a limit of two consecutive terms. Sampaio was thus not eligible to stand again as he has already served two terms after winning the elections in 2002 and being re-elected in 2006.


Photo Candidate Party Vice President Notes
Eduardo Suplicy Social-Labourist Party Rui Falcão Governor of San Paulo (district).
Geraldo Alckmin
Geraldo Alckmin Democratic Party Índio da Costa Governor of San Paulo (state).
Aécio Neves Liberal Party Aloysio Nunes Governor of Minas de Ouro.
Fernando Gabeira Green Party

Luiz Carlos Bassuma

Deputy of Minas de Ouro.
Tarso Genro Workers' Party Aloizio Mercadante Governor of São Pedro do Rio Grande.
Ciro Gomes Socialist Party Eduardo Campos Senator of San Paulo (state).
Roberto Freire Communist Party Mauro Iasi Secretary-general of the Communist Party.
Levy Fidélix Conservative Party Luiz Duarte Deputy of Minas de Ouro.
Jair Bolsonaro Nationalist Party Leônidas Pires Gonçalves Deputy of San Miguel.

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