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Paulist presidential election, 1974
29 November 1974
Maluf20122006-3 JuscelinoKubitschek Ernesto Geisel
Nominee Paulo Maluf Juscelino Kubitschek Ernesto Geisel
Party Progressist Party Social-Democratic Party Democratic Party
Home state San Paulo Minas de Ouro São Pedro do Rio Grande
Running mate Mário Andreazza João Goulart Adalberto Pereira
Popular vote 43,689,235 31,253,098 24,142,790
Percentage 44% 32% 24%
The Paulist presidential election of 1974 was held on Friday November 29, 1974 to elect the first president of San Paulo.

The elected candidate was Paulo Maluf by the Progressive Party.


Photo Candidate Party Vice President Notes
Paulo Maluf Progressist Party Mário Andreazza
Juscelino Kubitschek Social-Democratic Party João Goulart Former first-minister (1950-1954)
Ernesto Geisel
Ernesto Geisel Democratic Party Adalberto Pereira
Luis Carlos Prestes Communist Party Giocondo Dias Former paulist dictator (1954-1974)
Pedro Ivo Campos Worker's Party Renato Vianna

The search for the democracy

The pressure of the population by the end of the socialist regime in San Paulo was strong. The streets were agitated almost every day. In July, the federal congress opened a session to vote for the new direct elections.

Referendum of direct presidential elections
Support Against Absolved
377 23 5

The referendum (on the Congress) had an overwhelming victory in support of the direct presidential elections.

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