Paul Jerome Seychard (b. October 10th, 1802 - d. October 10th, 1858) was the 5th State Minister of the French Empire, serving in that post between 1853 and 1858, and one of the most respected military leaders of mid-19th century Europe. Seychard was also a noted author on both political and military theory and one of the leading intellectuals of his time period. Seychard's true passion came on the battlefield, however, where he excelled in the Odessa Campaign of the First Franco-Turkish War, as the leader of the victorious Reformist Coalition in the War of Napoleonic Succession, and in the Algerian War of 1850 and in the Pyrenees War of 1857.

Seychard was the first sitting State Minister to be fired by the Emperor, losing his position in 1858, thus turning back Seychard's own view of his office as the legislative authority of the Empire as opposed to the Emperor.

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