Paul Hogan (born 8 October 1939) is a retired conservative Australian politician who served as the leader of Oceania's Union Party from 1986 to 2002, the longest a single man has ever chaired the primary right-wing party of Oceania. During his chairmanship of the party, Hogan was the Leader of the Opposition from 1986-1990, and was the Prime Minister of Oceania from 1990-2000, losing the 2000 general election to Geoffrey Rush and the Pro Libs. Hogan was active in local Australian politics since the early 1970's and was elected to the Oceanian Parliament in 1980.

Hogan is often associated with the general tide of centrist conservative candidates who won elections across the industrial world during the late 1980's and early 1990's as industrialist right-wing parties generally became more socially liberal and less hawkish. This trend includes the victory of Robert Redford over far-right elements of his own party in the United States in 1988, the conservative landslide victory of John Cleese and the Tories in England in 1990, and the election of Gerhardt Kunst's Christian Democrats in East Prussia in 1991 after thirty-five years in opposition.

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